Wild Ocean 

Edited by Matt Dembicki 


The world's oceans represent the last wild frontier on Earth. In this graphic novel collection, Matt Dembicki, editor and artist of the award-winning Trickster, pulls together stories of twelve iconic endangered sea animals. Produced in cooperation with the non-profit PangeaSeed, these compelling scientific vignettes also educate and foster a passion to conserve the oceans' resources.

Wild Ocean is co-sponsored by PangeaSeed Foundation.  PandeaSeed Foundation's mission is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful change for oceans through ARTivism, education, and science.  To learn more about PangeaSeed, click here

Reader Activities 

The State of Our Oceans 

What are three of the main sources of pollution in the ocean?

There are small actions that every person can take, which can cumulatively add up to large solutions, to help fight pollution.  Using this link or this, list the top three actions you can start to take immediately to help prevent pollution.  What will you need to do to take these actions?  Use the SMART goal format to make your list:

  • Specific - simple, sensible, significant 
  • Measurable - meaningful, motivating
  • Achievable - agreed, attainable
  • Results-Focused - reasonable, realistic, relevant
  • Time Bound - time-based, time limited, time sensitive

Example:  I will use re-usable, non-plastic shopping bags every time I go to the grocery store and will never use a plastic bag.  I will purchase a re-usable bag within one week and by using this bag, I will be reducing plastic waste.  

The Persuasive Op Ed

Editors of newspapers, magazines, and even news programs have a long history of writing persuasive text to share their opinion on a subject, and hopefully influence their audience to think the same way. Today, these opinion essays can range from full news segments to 140-character Tweets. Write and share your opinion about the harvesting of bluefin tuna for sushi. Are you for or against this? Why? Share your thoughts and see who you can influence!

The Language of Science

Choose one of the following:

Read this article on the coral reef 

Listen to this piece about the Monterey Bay 

Watch this video on bluefin tuna 

Summarize the news story.  What is the change happening that pertains to the environment?  What are some of the factors?  Were they positive or negative? 

Supplemental Videos and Materials 

The offical PangeaSeed PSA: No Fin No Future