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Standing on the brink of the ocean, it’s difficult to imagine that anything—even humankind—could affect this vastness. It’s huge, powerful, and mysterious. When it flexes its muscles, the ocean can capsize fishing boats, batter ocean liners, and smash boardwalks—it has even pushed major metropolitan areas such as New York City to its knees. It also has the remarkable ability to filter humanmade poisons that leak into its waters. But it can only be pushed so far. It’s powerful but fragile, too. Constant oil spills, dumping of waste, and overfishing and wasteful practice have stretched the ocean’s resilience to the point where, soon, it may not be able to bounce back. Many of its inhabitants, some of which look like creatures from distant planets, are dying out.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas - a Top Three List

What are three of the main sources of pollution in the ocean?

There are small actions that every person can take, which can cumulatively add up to large solutions, to help fight this. Using this list, list the top three actions you can start to take immediately to help prevent ocean pollution.

Production and Distribution of Writing - the Persuasive Op Ed

Editors of newspapers, magazines, and even news programs have a long history of writing persuasive text to share their opinion on a subject, and hopefully influence their audience to think the same way. Today, these opinion essays can range from full news segments to 140-character Tweets. Write and share your opinion about the harvesting of bluefin tuna for sushi. Are you for or against this? Why? Share your thoughts and see who you can influence!

Vocabulary Acquisition and Usage - the Language of Science

Watch one of these videos:

  • A video on an innovative solution to help save coral reefs
  • A video about the resurgence of life in California's Monterrey Bay
  • A video about the endangered bluefin tuna

Find and list three words in the video that you've never heard before. See if the video provides enough context for you to figure out what the words mean. If it doesn't, look them up. Does knowing the meanings of these change your understanding of the content of the video?

Supplemental Videos