At Fulcrum Education, we utilize engaging and experiential learning to bring our books to life.

Book Links

Under each book link, readers have an opportunity to dive more in detail about what they are learning.  Here, we are targeting the reader audience directly with writing prompts, videos, and article to enhance the overall experience with each book.  Activities can include real world experiences, current events, historical context, and research projects.  In addition, Fulcrum Education has provided supplemental videos that can include messages from the author, articles related to the novel or current events, and additional materials to supporting bringing novel to life. 

Educator Guide

To support educators, we have also provided an "Educator Guide" that offers sample activity plans with supplemental videos, articles, songs, and poems.  Fulcrum Education has provided two lesson plans that educators can implement for readers.  

We encourage educators to use these lesson plans as an opportunity to incorporate Fulcrum's novels into daytime learning, after school programs, and group activities.  


Under the "Resources" section, you will find various tools to support bringing Fulcrum novels to life.  Fulcrum Education has provided links to various educational support websites and best-practices.